The Novice (2021) Movie Review, Details and Release Date

The Novice is a 2020 thriller directed by Lauren Hadaway and starring Isabelle Fuhrman, Amy Forsyth and Jeni Ross.

The Novice (2021) Movie Info

Genre: Thriller
Original Language: English
Director: Lauren Hadaway
Writer: Lauren Hadaway
Stars: Isabelle Fuhrman, Amy Forsyth, Dilone
Country of origin: United States
Release Date (Theaters): December 17, 2021 (United States)
Runtime: 1h 34min
Filming Locations: Peterborough, Ontario, Canada
Production Co: Picture Movers Anonymous, Exit Strategy Productions, H2L Media Group

Complete Storyline and information about The Novice

The Novice is a thriller about a recent college graduate who joins her university’s rowing team. Things are tough as nails on the team, and an elbow mentality prevails regardless. Nevertheless, the newcomer is gripped by ambition and bites through. (BH)

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