The Last Mercenary (2021) Trailer & Review (Action, Comedy)

The Last Mercenary is a 2021 action film directed by David Charhon starring Jean-Claude Van Damme, Eric Judor and Miou-Miou.

The Last Mercenary is an action comedy starring veteran Jean-Claude Van Damme, who must save his movie son.

The Last Mercenary (2021) Movie Info

Original Title: Le dernier mercenaire
Genre: Action, Comedy
Original Language: French (France)
Director: David Charhon
Producer: Olias Barco, David Charhon, , Jean-Charles Levy, Nicolas Manuel
Writer: David Charhon
Release Date (Streaming): Jul 30, 2021
Runtime: 1h 50m
Production Co: Forecast Pictures, Other Angle Pictures

Latest Trailer for The Last Mercenary

THE LAST MERCENARY Trailer (2021) Jean-Claude Van Damme

The Last Mercenary | Official Trailer | Netflix

Complete Storyline and information about The Last Mercenary

The mysterious former secret service agent (Jean-Claude Van Damme) needs to return to France extremely urgently. Although he has become estranged from his son, he now needs to be rescued.

After the misstep of an overzealous bureaucrat and a failed mafia operation, he is falsely accused by the government of arms and drug trafficking. The father rushes in to help. (iw)

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