Spencer (2021) Movie Review, Details, Trailer and Release Date

Spencer is a drama directed by Pablo Larraín and starring Kristen Stewart, Sally Hawkins and Sean Harris.

In the drama Spencer, told after true events, Kristen Stewart plays Princess Diana, who decides to leave her marriage to Prince Charles and with it the British royal family.

Spencer (2021) Movie Info

Genre: Biography, Drama
Original Language: English
Director: Pablo Larraín
Producer: Juan de Dios Larraín, Jonas Dornbach, Paul Webster, Janine Jackowski, Maren Ade
Writer: Steven Knight
Release Date (Theaters): Nov 5, 2021 limited

Current Trailer for Spencer

SPENCER – Official Teaser Trailer – In Theaters November 5th

Kristen Stewart, Emma Watson, Scarlett Johansson as Princess Diana in Spencer | Reface

Complete plot and information about Spencer

Diana, Princess of Wales, formerly Diana Spencer, is not happy in the early 1990s – neither at Prince Charles’ side, nor with her celebrity and role in the British royal family. So she makes the decision that she has to do something. Only by ending her marriage to the heir to the British throne and going her own way can she make a difference in her life.

During the three Christmas holidays at the royal Sandringham estate in Norfolk, Diana finally comes to the decision to break with her preordained career path, even though this will have far-reaching consequences.

Background & info on Spencer

The renowned Chilean director Pablo Larraín had previously focused on an important female figure in world history with his first English-language film Jackie (2016): Jackie Kennedy.

Larraín associated many personal memories with Diana Spencer. At a young age, he was obsessed with their storybook wedding and the frequent coverage of the crown and the fairy tale that seemed to come true. Later, there was the accompanying pressure of celebrity. For his film, Larraín saw Diana’s refusal to once become queen alongside her prince as an opportunity to turn fairy tale historiography on its head. In Spencer, therefore, he wanted to deal not with Diana’s death in 1997, but with her fraying relationship with her husband and her love for her sons William and Harry.

Filming on Spencer began in January 2021, but the royal Windsor country estate was not filmed in England, but in Germany: at the Schlosshotel Kronberg near Frankfurt am Main. (ES)

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