Ride the Eagle (2021) Trailer & Review (Comedy, Drama)

Ride the Eagle is a 2021 drama directed by Trent O’Donnell and starring Jake Johnson, J.K. Simmons and Susan Sarandon.

Ride the Eagle (2021) Movie Info

Genre: Comedy, Drama
Original Language: English
Director: Trent O’Donnell
Producer: Joe Hardesty, Jake Johnson, Trent O’Donnell, Huey Park, Huey M. Park
Writer: Jake Johnson, Trent O’Donnell
Release Date (Theaters): Jul 30, 2021 limited
Release Date (Streaming): Jul 30, 2021
Runtime: 1h 25m

Current Trailer for Ride the Eagle

RIDE THE EAGLE Trailer (2021) Jake Johnson, J.K. Simmons, Susan Sarandon

Ride The Eagle – Official Trailer

Complete plot and information about Ride the Eagle

In the drama Ride The Eagle, Leif is left with an inheritance that he can only take on under certain conditions when his estranged mother Honey dies. He can’t move into the quaint Yosemite cabin until he completes the to-do list left behind. (EA)

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