Moonfall (2022) Movie Review, Details, Trailer and Release Date

Moonfall is a science fiction film directed by Roland Emmerich and starring Halle Berry, Patrick Wilson and John Bradley.

In Roland Emmerich’s sci-fi action film Moonfall, a motley group of characters must stop the moon from colliding with Earth.

Moonfall (2022) Movie Info

Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy
Original Language: English
Director: Roland Emmerich
Producer: Roland Emmerich, Harald Kloser
Writer: Roland Emmerich, Harald Kloser, Spenser Cohen
Release Date (Theaters): Feb 4, 2022 wide

Current Trailer for Moonfall

MOONFALL Short Film – Official Trailer

Moonfall 2022 Trailer, Official Cast, Time, Halle Berry, Patrick Wilson

Complete Storyline and information about Moonfall

The moon, which has been orbiting the Earth for thousands of years, is hit by an asteroid, causing it to fall out of its orbit and stop on a collision course toward Earth. Thus, the task of stopping it falls to a troop of astronauts who, in order to save the world, must first settle their differences among themselves. (ES)

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