Malignant (2021) Trailer & Review (Crime, Drama, Horror)

Malignant is a horror film directed by James Wan and starring Annabelle Wallis, Maddie Hasson and Jake Abel.

In James Wan’s horror thriller Malignant, Annabelle Wallis is plagued by horrific waking dreams. But could the murders she sees in her visions actually end up being real?

Malignant (2021) Movie Info

Rating: R (Gruesome Images|Strong Horror Violence|Language)
Genre: Crime, Drama, Horror
Original Language: English
Director: James Wan
Producer: James Wan, Michael Clear
Writer: Akela Cooper
Release Date (Theaters): Sep 10, 2021 wide
Release Date (Streaming): Sep 10, 2021
Runtime: 1h 51m
Production Co: New Line Cinema, Atomic Monster, Boom! Studios, Boom Entertainment, Starlight Culture Entertainment

Current Trailer for Malignant

MALIGNANT – Official Trailer

Complete Storyline and information about Malignant

Madison (Annabelle Wallis) regularly sees images of gruesome murders in her sleep. But increasingly, the visions are no longer limited to her nights – as waking dreams, they break into her everyday life. She also begins to suspect more and more that the killings she involuntarily witnesses may not just be in her head, but are also taking place in reality.

But why does Madison, of all people, have access to these horrific insights? Could the key lie in her past? And how does she get rid of the eerie images and what they show?

Background & Info on Malignant

Malignant is another horror film from filmmaker James Wan (Saw, Conjuring – The Visitation). The English word means something like “malignant” or “insidious” and as a horror film title in this sense fits well with Wan’s earlier horror work Insidious, which was assigned a similar adjective.

James Wan had already worked with actress Annabelle Wallis on Annabelle, which he produced in 2014.

Originally, Malignant was supposed to be released in 2020, but was postponed to 2021 in the wake of the Corona pandemic. Then it was needed in the U.S. simultaneously on the screen and released on the streaming service HBO Max.

In the run-up, James Wan had to clarify that Malignant was not a film adaptation of the graphic novel Malignant Man and was therefore not a superhero movie. Instead, the film was made from an original idea by James Wan, actress Ingrid Bisu (The Conjuring 3) and Akela Cooper, with the latter also writing the screenplay. (ES)

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