Kuruthi (2021) Movie Review, Details, Trailer and Release Date

Kuruthi is a thriller film directed by Manu Warrier and starring Prithviraj Sukumaran, Shine Tom Chacko and Murali Gopy.

Kuruthi (2021) Movie Info

Genre: Thriller
Language: Malayalam
Director: Manu Warrier
Stars: Prithviraj Sukumaran, Shine Tom Chacko, Murali Gopy
Writer: Anish Pallyal
Release Date: August 11, 2021 (India)
Country of Origin: India
Production Co: Prithviraj Productions

Latest Trailer for Kuruthi

Kuruthi – Official Trailer | Prithviraj Sukumaran, Roshan Mathew, Murali Gopy | Amazon Prime Video

Complete plot and information about Kuruthi

The film, due to appear on Amazon Prime Video on August 11, follows the story of Ibrahim, played by Roshan Mathew, who is haunted by the ghost of his past.

Actor Roshan Mathew recalls the feeling when he was offered the Malayalam crime thriller Kuruthi. It was a fascinating role, but he was afraid to play alongside a strong cast, led by superstar Prithviraj Sukumaran.

Mathew said he was approached by Prithviraj last year to play on the project when filming in the Malayalam industry slowly resumed after the first coronavirus-induced nationwide lockdown.

Although the actor was determined to start another project at the time, he found the opportunity to reunite with his Codes co-star exciting.

“I heard the story and was overwhelmed. There was nothing that made me think twice (sign) other than if I would be able to pull this character out and keep up with the rest of the cast in the movie, ”he said.

“As an actor, I was extremely intimidated by the cast. I didn’t want to be the weak link. I took a day off to think about it because everything else was a big yes. I called Prithvi the next day and told him it scared me, but I want to do the film, ”Mathew said.

Directed by Manu Warrier, Kuruthi The main roles are played by Murali Gopy, Shine Tom Chacko, Srindaa, Mamukkoya, Manikandan Rajan, Navas Vallikkunnu, Sagar Surya and Naslen.

Written by Anish Pallyal, Kuruthi, which means sacrifice, follows the story of Ibrahim (Mathew) who is haunted by the ghost of his past. One night, when an injured policeman rushes into his home with a prisoner to seek refuge, they are followed by an enemy with vengeance in mind.

“What excited me? Kuruthi was that a series of events that happen in quick succession leave many people in and around the house questioning what they stand for. All of your hidden luggage comes out in one night. It’s a fascinating script, ”said the 29-year-old.

Mathew, who has gained recognition with films such as the 2019 drama of Geetu Mohandas Moothon, Kappela (2020) and Anurag Kashyaps Choked, said his character could be performed in Kuruthi as one of the most complex characters offered to him.

Layered character

The actor said Ibrahim was a complex character who had to deal with a traumatic past that felt “distant” to him.

“I had to work a lot to get close to how he (the character) would feel on a normal day. What happens in the film is a great test for him. Everything he believes in, what he stands for is tested. He got into conflict, ”said the actor.

“But if I was confused to play a character who is already confused, the whole thing would be a mess. I had little time to find out and get clarity. ” The film went on stage in December 2020 and was shot primarily in Erattupetta in the Kottayam district for a month.

Mathew said he was slowly finding the “catch” in his character of a man torn between his past and the probing present.

“He is someone who has still not recovered from an unfortunate event in the past that destroyed his life. He lives exclusively for his family. One night he unexpectedly finds her safety and her life threatened by a group of people. He has to protect her, protect himself, but in the end this fight is much more than he originally thought. ”However, Mathew is not new to playing complex characters.

His roles in films like the 2017 comedy thriller Orayiram Kinakkalal and Smothered were anything but one-dimensional, while his acclaimed Kappela completely flipped the cute boy trope into a shocking reveal.

The actor said he was particularly on the lookout for roles like this, but didn’t want to limit himself to playing serious characters.

“If the character isn’t gray, it scares me. My immediate thought is, ‘What should I do? How will I think? ’Lots of luggage, I feel better prepared when I go to the shoot. I have a better understanding, ”he said.

“It’s like entering after reading a three-page synopsis, as opposed to reading a 150-page book on the same subject. But I really want to publish this: I’m not just looking for serious, heavy roles, I also do some light-hearted things. I have to figure out the other game too, ”he added.

Kuruthi is expected to appear on Amazon Prime Video on August 11th.

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