John and the Hole (2021) Trailer & Review (Drama, Thriller)

John and the Hole is a 2020 drama directed by Pascual Sisto and starring Michael C. Hall, Taissa Farmiga and Charlie Shotwell.

John and the Hole (2021) Movie Info

Rating: R (Language)
Genre: Drama, Thriller
Original Language: English
Director: Pascual Sisto
Producer: Elika Portnoy, Alex Orlovsky, Michael Bowes
Writer: Nicolás Giacobone, Nicolás Giacobone
Release Date (Theaters): Aug 6, 2021 limited
Release Date (Streaming): Aug 6, 2021
Runtime: 1h 44m
Production Co: 3311 Productions, IFC Films, Mutressa Movies

Current Trailer for John and the Hole

John and the Hole – Official Trailer | HD | IFC Films

Complete plot and information about John and the Hole.

John and the Hole is a psychological thriller that tells of the disturbing reality of a child who traps his family in a hole in the ground. (JU.)

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