Clickbait (2021) TV Mini Series Review, Details, Trailer and Premiere Date

Thriller with Adrian Grenier and Betty Gabriel.

The Netflix thriller series Clickbait is about the discrepancy between virtual and “real” personality in times of social networks. After family man Nick is kidnapped, a video of him appears on the Internet. If this reaches 5 million views, he will die.

Clickbait (2021) TV Mini Series Info

TV Network: Netflix
Premiere Date: 25 August 2021 (USA)
Language: English
Genre: Crime, Drama, Mystery
Stars: Jessica Collins, Camaron Engels, Jaylin Fletcher
Countries of origin: Australia, United States
Filming Locations: Broadmeadows, Victoria, Australia
Production Co: Master Key Production, Heyday Television, Matchbox Pictures
Sound Mix: Dolby Digital

Current Trailer for Clickbait

Clickbait | Official Trailer | Netflix

Complete plot and information about Clickbait

Nick Brewer (Adrian Grenier) is a husband, loving father and brother. But one day he disappears under mysterious circumstances. Shortly after, a video of him appears on the Internet. On it, Nick can be seen. He is badly injured and holds a sign in his hands. On this it says: I abuse women. With 5 million views, I die.

Nick’s sister Pia (Zoe Kazan) and his wife Sophie (Betty Gabriel) go in search of clues to save Nick’s life. But in the process, they stumble upon secrets about Nick that they never knew before. Nick seems to have created two distinct personalities: one in real life and one virtual. (MW)

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