Ascendant (2021) Movie Review, Details, Trailer and Release Date

Ascendant is a 2021 fantasy film directed by Antaine Furlong and starring Charlotte Best, Jonny Pasvolsky and Andrew Jack.

Ascendant (2021) Movie Info

Also known as: Rising Wolf
Genre: Fantasy, Mystery, Sci-Fi
Original Language: English
Director: Antaine Furlong
Producer: Antaine Furlong, Kristy Vernon, James M. Vernon, Drew Bailey
Writer: Antaine Furlong, Kieron Holland
Release Date (Theaters): Aug 10, 2021 limited
Release Date (Streaming): Aug 10, 2021
Runtime: 1h 41m
Production Co: Day Dream Films

Current Trailer for Ascendant

Ascendant | Official Trailer [HD] | In Cinemas NOW

Complete plot and information about Ascendant

In Ascendant, an environmental activist wakes up trapped in a skyscraper elevator and must place her faith in the mercy of her tormentors. The Australian fantasy film was directed by Antaine Furlong. (MK)

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